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6 Clear Signs Your Gutters Are In Trouble

The roof of your home receives quite a lot of rainwater – around 54 inches a year in Huntsville. This deluge translates to over 94,000 gallons of water that your gutters and downspouts must channel away from your home. If your gutters are in good shape, it's no problem taking care of all that water every year.

However, older gutters that sag, have cracks and can't keep up with the water load become inefficient. All that rainwater runs off the roof and out over the gutters in a way that ends up causing harm to your home and landscaping. Take a look at these 6 clear signs that your gutters are in trouble and might need to be repaired or even replaced completely.

They Look Awful
This is not just a matter of aesthetics, but if you think your gutters look awful they may need to be repaired.  

Awful gutters are those that have visible cracks, holes, rust spots, dents or are sagging as if Godzilla tried to climb up. These little imperfections become bigger with time until the gutters begin leaking.

 A few cracks and spots can be fixed with sealant or a bit of flashing. If only a few sections are damaged they can easily be replaced, but an extreme amount of damage over the entire system might warrant new gutters.

Missing Hardware
The fasteners that hold the gutters to the roof are capable of breaking or pulling away over time. Screws or nails work themselves loose and drop to the ground.

If you notice missing hardware and loose fasteners this could be an indication of gutter wear. Hardware can be tightened and refastened, but if hardware problems persist it might be time to replace the gutters.

Separation Anxiety
Sometimes gutter sections begin separating from one another, defeating the purpose of a continuous gutter system. Or, gutters pull away from the house completely. Those fasteners are easy to hammer back into the house, but frequent separation could indicate problems with the fascia board.
Sagging gutters that pull away from the home might be a sign of frequently full gutters that do not drain properly. This could be due to debris blocking the water's route or just an inappropriate system for the home altogether.  In this case you might need new gutters.

Peeling Paint
Damaged gutters allow water to seep over the edges and down onto the siding and trim of your house. If your home is painted, over time all that water causes the paint to bubble and peel away.  If you notice this is happening, it means the leak has already been happening for a while and your gutters need to be looked at.

Landscape and Dirt Erosion
After running over the gutters and ruining your home's paint, that same water courses down to the ground. When it hits, the water creates channels or pools in the dirt or erodes any landscaping.

You will see displaced mulch and flattened plants. Don't just fix the landscaping and move on. At this point the gutters are completely failing your home and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

It All Rolls Downhill
Continuing on its natural course, rainwater that improperly exits your gutters not only disturbs the soil and landscaping but reaches your home's foundation.

While meant to be a strong base for your home and offer a sort of protection for a basement or crawl space, the foundation was not meant to act as a dam. A constant presence of water will eventually seep through cracks and weak spots in the foundation and leak into your basement.

If you've spotted any of these problems with your gutters, home or landscaping, it might be time for repairs or new gutters. Check out Four Our Sons Inc if you have separation anxiety or dirt erosion because of your gutters.


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