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7 Advantages of Installing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding
If you're currently thinking about updating your home, you may want to consider the advantages of vinyl siding. When installed, vinyl siding doesn't just improve the maintenance of your home — vinyl siding can also improve its resale value. Here are some reasons to consider vinyl siding.
1. Vinyl Siding Is Cheap
Vinyl siding is affordable for multiple reasons. The material is cheap, installation is fast and simple, and it is durable and easy to maintain. Cost is one of the major reasons that many people will choose vinyl siding, but there is a caveat. Even though new siding does improve your property value, siding may not have as significant a return on investment as some other types of siding.
Nevertheless, vinyl siding still does have a cost benefit to consider.
2. Vinyl Siding Can Be Installed Over Other Siding
If you want your installation to be fast and simple, vinyl siding is your best bet. Not only is it a light material, but it can be installed over other types of siding. If you already have siding on your home, you can have your vinyl siding installed over it, increasing your home’s insulation.
3. Vinyl Siding Can Be Insulated
New types of vinyl siding can be installed with insulation included. Not only does this improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills, but it may also mean that you can qualify for a higher energy star rating. High energy star ratings can often be deducted from an individual's taxes.
4. Vinyl Siding Is Easy
Compared to many other types of siding, vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance. You don't need to paint vinyl siding, and it will not fade except over long periods of time.
All you need to do with vinyl siding is clean it every once in a while. This is ideal for those who want lower maintenance costs, such as those who rent out units, and for people who don’t have a lot of time for maintenance tasks. 
5. Vinyl Siding Lasts a Long Time
Vinyl siding can last up to 60 years. That is up to three times more than other methods of siding. Vinyl siding is a durable material that is resistant to damage, which means it will repel most attempts to scratch or dent it.
By installing vinyl siding, a homeowner can avoid the hassle of having to replace the siding of their home in the future. They can also avoid additional, potentially large installation costs.
6. Vinyl Siding Resists Moisture
Vinyl siding provides a barrier against water, which can be important in wet and humid environments. While wooden siding and other porous siding options will often collect water (which can eventually lead to rot and mold), vinyl siding will naturally repel it.
This also means that vinyl siding isn't going to warp. One of the major advantages to vinyl siding is that, in ideal conditions, your siding should remain the same as the day that it was installed for many decades.
7. Vinyl Siding Comes in Many Styles
Vinyl siding doesn't look like traditional vinyl siding anymore. Modern vinyl siding can be used to mimic virtually any texture. Vinyl siding also comes in a lot of different colors, so you can style your home how you want it. This makes vinyl siding a versatile choice. In the past, some people didn't like the plastic or solid appearance of vinyl siding, but there you have many additional options to choose from.
Vinyl siding today is extremely different from the vinyl siding of just a decade ago. Advanced methods have made vinyl siding not only a durable option but also an extremely attractive one. For more information, contact the experts at Four Our Sons Inc.


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