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How Can Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal?

Whether you're moving across the country or across town, you need to sell your house before buying a new one. Even though you thought your home looked okay, your real estate agent is saying something else. The inside is amazing. But the curb appeal is lacking.

It might not seem smart to write a stack of checks right before selling your house. Home improvements are for the owner’s enjoyment, right? Not always.

Boosting the aesthetics of your home's exterior and fixing problem issues can draw potential buyers in. This means less time on the market and more money in your pocket. You could leave your house as is, but you might not get the price that you want or you might end up paying month after months' worth of mortgage.

If your home's exterior needs some TLC, take a look at some of the top remodeling projects that can boost your home's curb appeal and value.

Window Replacement

Those cracked frames and frosty-looking windows aren't doing your home any favors. Along with letting all the cold air in, those decades-old, single-pane windows are turning buyers away. They know from the moment they get to the driveway that those old windows are energy zappers. They can see the air moving through them (at least, they can imagine it) and they know just how high their heating or air conditioning bills will be.

But if you replace the windows, you're giving potential buyers a reason to stick around. They can see the savings (when it comes to energy bills). Beyond that, new windows give your home's exterior a facelift. Instead of drab, dull and falling apart, your home will look bright and fresh.

On top of the curb appeal benefits that new windows bring, they're also an investment that brings plenty of your money back. Keep in mind, no home improvement will get you 100% of your money back — especially if you are still living in the house for a while. You can expect to recoup roughly 73% of the costs spent on either vinyl or wooden replacement windows.

New Siding

Vinyl siding is an easy, almost maintenance-free home option that gives the exterior a completely new finish. Whether your home's exterior is dull, cracking or falling apart or just looks outdated, vinyl siding can completely transform the way your home looks.

If you have a wooden exterior that's seen better days, adding new siding can make a major difference. Potential buyers don't want a home that looks like it's falling apart. It doesn't matter how nice your home is inside; if the exterior looks like no one cares, buyers will see a giant beware sign in their minds’ eye.

Along with increasing the curb appeal, replacing your home's exterior with a vinyl siding product won't cost you a fortune. Compared to other building materials, vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive. This means that you won't spend your entire new-house budget on the old one.

Roof and Gutter Issues

The roof kind of leaks and the gutters have holes. Will potential buyers really see these problems from the ground? They might. And if there's even the slightest chance that they will, you need to correct roof and gutter issues before putting your home on the market.

Obviously, you need to disclose known roof and gutter problems. But you also need to correct the issues before the buyer even gets to the disclosure sheet. Curling shingles or clearly worn gutters will turn some buyers away. They can also cause problems when the buyer finally gets into your home. A gutter system that isn't functioning can lead to back-ups or flooding indoors.

Imagine what the potential buyer will think when the living room is leaking. Repairing or replacing your gutters right now can save both the exterior and interior of your home as you work on selling it.

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