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Material Matters When Choosing New Rain Gutters

Improper water control can have devastating effects on your home's exterior. As rain hits your roof, it needs to be channeled into functional rain gutters and funneled into downspouts that can safely distribute water away from your home. Keeping your rain gutters in good condition is essential when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of your home as a whole.

Discovering that your rain gutters need to be replaced means that you have the opportunity to invest in new rain gutters that will better suit your water removal needs. Selecting new rain gutters sounds like it should be simple enough, but with the number of available gutter options growing, homeowners can find it challenging to make a decision.

Start your search for new rain gutters by educating yourself on the types of materials modern rain gutters are made from. This knowledge will help you determine which material is capable of serving as an asset for your home in the future.

The most affordable gutters on the market are almost always made from vinyl. Vinyl rain gutters have mass appeal not only because of their low price point but because vinyl is a material that will not rust when exposed to the elements over time.

You can easily source vinyl rain gutters and have them installed at minimal cost, but it's important to evaluate whether or not your home is a good candidate for vinyl gutters. Vinyl can become brittle when exposed to cold temperatures, and this brittleness makes rain gutters susceptible to cracking.
Since the temperatures in most areas throughout Alabama remain relatively warm, vinyl rain gutters could be an option to explore.


Rain gutters made from aluminum are considered midrange products. They are priced somewhere in the middle when it comes to available rain gutter products, and they can provide adequate water removal services for most homeowners.

Aluminum is a lightweight material that will not rust when exposed to moisture. These characteristics make aluminum perfect for rain gutters. However, the lightweight design of aluminum gutters could be a negative if your home is particularly large or if you live in an area that sees significant rainfall.

Long installation runs could result in sagging aluminum rain gutters, and the weight of heavy rainfall could be too much for aluminum gutters to bear. Be sure that you take the architectural design of your home and your climate conditions into consideration before investing in aluminum rain gutters.

If you are looking for a high-end rain gutter product, you will want to invest in copper. Copper rain gutters are impervious to rust, and they require little to no maintenance over their lifetime in order to remain functional.

Copper has the added benefit of being built to last, with some rain gutters boating a life span of up to 100 years. Although copper gutters will cost more initially, their extended life span can actually make them the most affordable option when you consider the future repair and replacement costs associated with vinyl or aluminum.

Copper rain gutters can also add to the aesthetic of your home's exterior. This makes them the perfect choice for luxury homes or homeowners looking to improve their property's curb appeal.

Purchasing new rain gutters for your home is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. The right rain gutters will ensure proper water removal, protecting your home from structural damage during serious storms.

Consult with the experienced contractors at Four Our Sons Inc. to help you evaluate your property and determine if vinyl, aluminum, or copper rain gutters would be best suited to meet your home's long-term water removal needs.


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